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About SaintBarber

For the modern gentlemen, in the heart of Mondsee, our Barbershop will chop, clip or shave you old school!

SaintBarber Barbershop

Barbershops like SaintBarber are fascinating because they’ve also traditionally been places where men spend time with other men, forming close relationships with one another in the absence of women. Many customers will even stop by daily to simply chat with their barber, discuss the news or play chess. A real community is created in SaintBarber and community is important to health and well-being.

Our grooming hub, Mondsee Barbershop is all kinds of classy. This top Mondsee Gentleman’s Barber was designed exclusively for the modern gentleman. That means an elegant decor decked out in dark wood and leather with a feel of a time gone by. It also means a menu of grooming services that’s as superb and refined as the craft itself. Opt for one of the best haircuts you’ll ever receive, or go full VIP by booking the Barbershop complete with drinks for you and up to four of your best mates. No matter what you do here, you’re living large like the sharpest of men before you.

is ready for your new style

Haircut Sir? Holy Moses, one can be forgiven for thinking that this is the basis of any “Gentleman’s Barber”. Well, at SaintBarber, we cut hair like a finely tuned Saville Row Tailor. The cut will “fit you to a T” and make you want to hold your head up high.

Hair & Beard? No need to pray in the knowledge that we have it covered from top to chin! It takes just a little bit longer and like all good things in life it should be savoured to the max.

Triumph & Disaster

SaintBarber stock a selection of male grooming products like no other!